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and they said....

Testimonial:  and they said...
  • We had such a time! You have grace and an intuitive eye for the unexpected. -- Eugene Ionesco - playwright

  • I think it is a fabulous picture and gracious knows how hard you worked! It was all so fun and joyous. -- Helen Gurley Brown - Author and editor in chief of Cosmopolitan

  • I always feel like I am coming home when I am at the studio. -- Charlie Stratton – director

  • The pictures are greatly admired.  Wally has taken one to his office and loves it. You are so talented. --  Wilhelmina Cole Holladay - Chair of the board of National Museum of Women in the Arts

  • The photographs are gorgeous and I look about 35! -- Kitty Carlisle Hart- Actress - chairperson of the New York State Council of the Arts

  • Many thanks for taking such a ‘generous’ picture.  Not only was I delighted by your photographs but my publishers like it so much, they would like to use it as the photograph of the author on the book jacket.   --  Rosamond Bernier - lecturer

  • Through your artistry the portraits will blossom forever. --   Bette Bao Lord - writer and civic activist

  • We were courageous and thank you for being great. -- Raquel Welsh – Actress

  • I appreciate your taking such good care of me. --   Lili Zanuck - Producer

  • That’s how I like to think of myself but I don’t look like that most of the time… I guess it is because we were having such a good time and you were skillful enough to capture it. --  Esther ‘Faity’ Leeming Tuttle – Author

  • You were so skillful at using the Segal sculpture – and you were most kind to my face. -- Isabelle Stevenson - CEO of the American Theatre Wing and Tony Awards

  • It was lovely, even if I had to get up at 5:00 am.  --  Jane Russell - Actress 

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